Edge Evolution CS Tuner Review – Peak Truck Performance!

Edge Evolution CS Tuner Review – Peak Truck Performance!

Customers always ask us how our products work when towing. Here is a real life scenario that covers the Evolution and towing on a Cummins.

Review of: Edge Diesel Evolution CS Tuner
Reviewed by: Roads Less Traveled


The Edge Diesel Evolution CS tuner has made a huge difference to our driving experience on our 2007 Dodge RAM 3500 truck, both towing our 14,100 lb fifth wheel trailer and driving on the highway with nothing in tow.

The engines in most cars and trucks are computer driven these days, but the installation of an engine tuner puts the driver in the driver’s seat instead. An engine tuner, or programmer, gives the driver the ability to fine tune the engine’s efficiency and performance by manipulating the computer’s input parameters to suit the driving task at hand.

We have a 2007 Dodge RAM 3500 single rear wheel truck with about 85,000 miles on it. In general, about half the time we are driving it, it is towing the RV we live in year-round, a 14,100 lb, 36′ 2007 NuWa Hitchhiker fifth wheel trailer. The other half of the time, we drive it around town with nothing in tow and a few hundred pounds of cargo the bed of the truck. Once in a while we throw in an off-road adventure just for fun.

2007 Dodge RAM 3500
Our 2007 Dodge RAM 3500 single rear wheel truck

Six months ago, we installed an Edge Diesel Evolution CS tuner in this truck, and what a world of difference that has made to our driving experience, not only when we’re towing but also when we’re driving the truck around without the trailer attached.

In a nutshell, it has:

Increased our truck’s power
Improved our gas mileage
Given us a readout for the transmission temperature.
And it was an easy installation to boot.

We also installed an optional companion product, the Edge EAS Exhaust Gas Temp sensor which gives us another piece of crucial temperature data when we are towing under heavy load. This is not a mandatory installation.

We couldn’t be more pleased with these upgrades!

1. Why Install an Engine Tuner?
2. Edge Evolution CS Tuner – Tested and Validated
3. Installing the Edge Tuner
4. More POWER Driving in the Rocky Mountains
5. More TEMP DATA Towing in the Rockies
6. Better MPG – Fuel Efficiency Improvements, Towing and Not Towing
7. Additional Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Installation
8. Other features of the Edge Evolution CS tuner

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