Diesel Resource Edge Insight CTS2 Review

Edge Insight CTS2 Review

Diesel Truck Performance Monitor Review

What is the Edge Insight CTS2?

The Edge Insight CTS2 is a diesel performance monitor. Performance Monitors are a must-have upgrade for any diesel truck owner. They give you real-time insight and performance monitoring so you know exactly how your truck is running at any given time. They also give you tremendously helpful tools like trouble code reading and clearing, and performance testing. They’re extremely easy to install compared to traditional gauges, and they are highly customizable, allowing you to set up a number of different gauge layouts. While there are a couple of name brand performance monitors, the Edge Insight CTS2 is one of the most popular choices.

Edge CTS2 Insight Monitor
Edge Insight CTS2 Monitor

What Does the Edge Insight CTS2 Do?

If you use your truck for heavy hauling or if you’re a modified performance junkie, the Edge Insight CTS2 is one of the first performance upgrades you should consider. It utilizes the OBD2 Port to display detailed vehicle parameters like exhaust gas temperatures (EGTS), transmission temperatures, and DPF status. Unlike traditional gauges, the Insight CTS2 is a monitoring device that can be configured to your liking. You can adjust the layout, pick which specific parameters you want to display, and even set-up alarms to warn you if something is out of whack. Even a stock truck used for commuting can benefit from the addition of an Insight CTS2. It has a fuel economy coaching tool that can help you increase mpgs. There is even a maintenance tool that reminds you when it’s time for an oil change or other maintenance tasks.

Key Feature Breakdown

Diagnostic Tool

When your truck has a problem, you often find a warning light illuminated on the instrument cluster. While it alerts you to the problem, it doesn’t help you identify what the issue is. The CTS2 gives you the ability to read trouble codes, allowing you to identify the problem. Diagnosis becomes much easier, and sometimes fixing the problem can be as simple as clearing the code. Modern diesel trucks are very complex and there are a lot of sensors that can go bad. Sometimes a truck can even go into limp mode when there is an issue. By clearing the code, you may be able to limp your truck home, saving you from paying an expensive tow.

Gauge Display & Performance Monitoring

In the past, gauges had to be installed if you wanted to view performance parameters that weren’t available in your instrument cluster. Today, monitors like the Edge Insight CTS2 offer digital gauge displays that adjust to your preferences. Installation is way easier than traditional gauges, and digital monitors also offer insights that traditional gauges can’t display. After you’ve set up your display to your liking, it’s also very easy to change layouts and parameters quickly if you want to take a look at something else.

One feature that makes the Insight CTS2 unique is it offers you the ability to set-up audible and visual alerts. This way, even if you’re not paying attention, you’ll know when a temperature gets too high or if another problem occurs.

Edge CTS2 Gauge Layout Options
Different CTS2 Gauge Layouts

Other Noteworthy Features

Maintenance Manager

The CTS2’s maintenance manager is one of my favorite features. You can input a variety of maintenance tasks and set up mileage alerts that notify you when it’s time for service. This is a great tool if you service your vehicle yourself, because you won’t forget when it’s time to change your oil or fuel filter.

Fuel Mileage Coach

Another cool feature is the Fuel mileage coach. You can set up different parameters for fuel economy on your main gauge layout. Then, the Edge CTS2 will keep track of your average fuel economy and give you tools to keep track of your true fuel mileage. You can even input the cost of diesel or gasoline in your area, and it will calculate your average cost per mile.

Diesel Resource Review of the Edge CTS2 Insight Monitor

Now that you know the impressive features of the Edge Insight CTS2, I want to tell you about my experience using it with my L5P Duramax. I’ve used this monitoring device on my other trucks and I loved it. Let me tell you what makes this performance monitor so special and i’ll elaborate on the few things I think it lacks.

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