New Year, New Product. The Edge Jammer Cold Air Intake is Here!

Driven2Cool_JammerCAI_WEB The all-new Edge Jammer Cold Air Intake is designed to optimize your truck's performance and pairs perfectly with all of our tuning products! Introducing Edge’s all-new Jammer Cold Air Intake (CAI) systems.  The Jammer CAIs revolutionary design improves airflow by blocking hot air and using cooler, denser air for optimal efficiency.  Edge performance tuning, combined with the Jammer CAI, offers best-in-class results for maximum performance, and improved continuous power. How it works – The Jammer CAI design was engineered to move the intake box away from the engine’s heat to reduce warm air flow and catch the cooler outside air. Moving the air filter helps capture the outside cooler air that can be sucked into the engine for combustion. Cooler air brings more oxygen (denser air) into the combustion chamber and that means more power. When combining cooler more dense air to the engine you are able to have a more efficient combustion as well as add more fuel equaling more power. The Jammer CAI uses a large diameter intake tube that is smoother, has less bends and wider providing uninterrupted airflow. By itself, you'll notice an increase in power and especially when the throttle is fully open. Team up the Jammer CAI with other Edge performance products and you'll create a much more efficient system with maximum gains in power, mileage, and efficiency. Features
  • High Density, Cold Air Intake
  • Increased Horsepower & Fuel Economy
  • Compatible with Edge Tuning Products
  • Enclosed Housing for Superior Cool Airflow
  • Improves Continuous Power
  • Lifetime Reusable Filter
  • High Flow, Low Restriction
  • Pre-Oiled Filter
The team at Edge is thrilled to unveil this new product offering.  Take a look at the coverage included today and stay tuned for added SKUs and applications to be included in the winter of 2016!  The best tuning in the industry now has a complimentary product built to last and impress.  Buy your Jammer CAI today!
JAMMER CAI FORD 2011-2016 6.7L 18215
JAMMER CAI CHEVY 2006-2007 6.6L 28142
JAMMER CAI CHEVY 2007-2010 6.6L 28172
JAMMER CAI CHEVY 2011-2014 6.6L 28230
JAMMER CAI CHEVY 2015-2016 6.6L 28248
JAMMER CAI 2003-2007 DODGE/RAM 5.9L 38145
JAMMER CAI 2007-2009 DODGE/RAM 6.7L 38175
JAMMER CAI 2010-2012 DODGE/RAM 6.7L 38180