Ford F-150 3.0L Power Stroke Diesel Insight Gauge Support

Ford 3.0L Power Stroke Insight Gauge Support

Edge is excited to add Insight CS2 and CTS2 coverage to the product line-up for the all-new Ford F-150 3.0L Power Stroke diesel truck.  Over the years, Edge Products has redefined the in-cabin monitoring market with the Insight.  You now have access to real-time monitoring to manage a host of parameters in the truck to keep you running safe and smooth.  The new Ford 3.0L Diesel is now equipped with EGT sensors and the diesel exhaust filter (DPF) that allows the unburnt fuel (black smoke and NOx) to be burnt completely, before exiting the exhaust tip.  This allows the truck to reduce the NOx levels it produces and clears up the black smoke or unburnt fuel.  With new technology comes the added need and benefit to watching your truck like a hawk.  Insight allows you to monitor DPF Pressure or DPF Soot Mass parameters to know exactly when your truck is going into a regen cycle and can alert you to make you aware of when your truck may need to go into a regen cycle.  Maybe you don't have time to do a full regen drive cycle.  Good news! Edge has added a Manual Regen feature to the Insight that you can perform right in your driveway without the need to drive for 30+ minutes! 

These new trucks are loaded with great features.  Why not add the Insight to make sure you’re in full control at all times?   With the added torque of a diesel motor, many owners plan on using their new 3.0L diesel to tow their trailers, boats or other recreational toys.  When towing with a diesel motor there are crucial parameters you want to watch like EGTs (exhaust gas temperatures) and turbo boost to make sure you're towing at the trucks optimal level of performance without overheating the motor.     

Vehicle Parameters Now In The Insight For the Ford 3.0L Diesel

Parameters (PID) List: 

Accel Pedal Position Engine Load Manifold EGT Reading
Ambient Air Temp Engine RPM Mileage Coach
Ave Regen Distance Engine Run Time MPG Average
Barometric Pressure Exhaust Back Pressure MPG Instant
Battery Voltage Fuel Injection Timing Post Cooler Pre Doc
Charge Air Temperature Fuel Level Post DPF
Corrected Speed Fuel Pressure Reductant (Urea) Level
Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) Fuel Rate Regeneration Status
Dist. Since DTC Clear Gear with Reverse Time 0-60
DPF Pressure Gear with TCL Time 1/4 mile
DPF Soot Mass Horsepower Torque
DPF status Inj Qty In grams Torque Solid Pressure
DTC Count Inj Qty in mm3 Trans Temp
EGT2 Post Doc Intake Air Temp Trip Odometer
EGT3 Pre DPF Manifold Abs Pressure Turbo Boost

Shop the Insight CS2 (84030) or Insight CTS2 (84130) today.


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