Amp’d Throttle Booster Now Available for The 2019 Ram 6.7L Cummins Diesel


The Amp’d Throttle Sensitivity Booster has been a huge hit in the marketplace.  The 6.7L Cummins is known as a “Power House,” but with all that power it still needs better “response” from a start.  We are excited to release the Amp’d Throttle Booster for the all-new 2019 Ram with the 6.7L diesel motor.  Amp’d is easy to install, delivers immediate improvement with pedal response, and will enhance your driving experience.  The throttle booster is an incredibly simple solution that generates “seat of the pants power” you won’t find anywhere else.  Amp’d can pair with numerous aftermarket accessories sold across the Powerteq brands.

Amp’d Key Features:

  • Improves Throttle Sensitivity
  • Faster Acceleration from a stop, and throughout the RPM band
  • Reduces that laggy pedal feeling
  • Quicker spool-up
  • Optimize driving in town and on the highway
  • Push button control*
  • 6-modes*
  • Amp'd w/out Switch (PN 38852-D): Stock, 50% increase, 100% increase
  • Amp'd With Switch (PN 38862-D): Stock, Low 50% increase, Medium 75% increase, High 100% increase, Valet Mode, “FEEL THE POWER” mode 400%
  • Easy installation

*Switch PN only.  Amp’d is available with an optional switch that unlocks even more functionality and fun.  The switch enables 6 total throttle sensitivity levels, as opposed to just 2 levels, for your driving pleasure.  Essentially, the switch is a value-oriented upgrade for Amp’d really creates a complete user-controlled experience for any type of driving preference.

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