Insight Gauges for Toyota · Edge Products


The Insight is the #1 preferred digital gauge monitor in the market today, used by daily drivers and enthusiasts everywhere. We have had many requests to support more data parameters for Toyota vehicles. We listened and are proud to Introduce the new Insight for Toyota!

If you own a 1996 or newer Toyota you can now get the most advanced digital gauge package that money can buy. Now you can view over 100 real-time data parameters on 2010 and newer Toyota Trucks and SUVs.  


– 5” full–color Touch screen (CTS2)
– 2.4” full-color button-control screen (CS2)
– Easy to install with no tools required
– Over 100 parameters for the 2010+ Trucks/SUVs
   (Basic/advanced list options)
– 1996-2009 OBDII Enabled Vehicles show standard SAE Parameters
– Display corrected MPH on Insight
– Backup camera ready with the CTS2
– Mileage Coach feature to help improve MPGs
– Performance testing, alerts, and records
– Maintenance Manager tracking routine maintenance items
– Read and clear trouble codes
– Color mixer for gauge arcs, needles, and backgrounds to match your gauge cluster
– Multiple gauge screen layouts
– Fully customizable backgrounds
– HDMI style plug for power and linking EAS accessories
– Power switch screen for connecting aftermarket lights using EAS Power Switch
– One-touch easy menu navigation
– Notification center
– Switch between US or Metric units of measure
– Comprehensive digital gauge display
– Compatible with other tuning devices
– Displays dozens of parameters
– Internet updateable

Comprehensive Gauge Display:
The Insight is an easy-to-install standalone multi-gauge display. With what would otherwise cost thousands of dollars and take hours to install, the Insight provides inexpensively and instantly. Some of its many features and benefits include:
• One simple connection to the vehicle’s OBDII (diagnostic) port
• Displays more than 100 different vehicle parameters
• View parameters in either digital or analog style form
• Built-in safety alerts: user-defined visual and audible alerts

Scan Tool and Data-Logging Capabilities:

Capture and record even more information about the vehicle’s performance with the Insight’s data-logging and scan tool features.
• Display and clear diagnostic trouble codes with full text description
• Capture and record 5 logs for 10 minutes each
• Display peak values such as speed, trans temp, and RPM
• Performance testing: 0-60 and quarter-mile times

If you own a Toyota Tacoma, Tundra, 4Runner, Sequioa, Land Cruiser, FJ or something else then the new Insight is designed for you!  Don’t drive not knowing what is going on under the hood.  Hook up the Insight today for complete insight to your vehicle.